Increasing attractiveness as an employer

Employer Attractiveness: What makes an employer attractive? Employer attractiveness indicates the extent to which a company is perceived as being attractive to employees as a potential employer. Put simply, employer attractiveness arises from strategically successful employer branding, which takes care of the company’s external image as an employer and simultaneously improves

Transformation to a sustainable company

Transformation to a sustainable company

Transformation to a sustainable companyA question of future viability Greenwashing and half-hearted initiatives are no longer acceptable. Sustainability raises crucial and future-relevant questions that must be addressed at the top management level to ensure a credible transformation toward a sustainable company. Firm organizational anchoring ensures that sustainability is lived and is always taken into account…

Learning Organization

The Learning Organization

Learning Organization Whether the term agile organization, learning organization, resilient organization, foresighted organization, or innovative organization is used, the organizational ability to react dynamically and adaptively to changes in the target markets and relevant environments is one of the most important prerequisites for the long-term success of companies of our time. In the meantime, however,…

Management consultant for sustainability

Interview: Sustainable corporate development

Interview with Robert A. Sedlák CEO S&P Consulting | GUEST PROFESSOR AT THE ECNU, SHANGHAI | BUSINESS MEDIATOR “Sustainability and corporate responsibility as integral components of strategic orientation“ In times of climate change and increasing scarcity of resources, sustainability is essential for companies and their business models. The political and social demand for companies to…

Five years of EVOLUTION - E/D/E

Interview: Five years of EVOLUTION

Interview with Robert A. Sedlák CEO S&P Consulting | GUEST PROFESSOR AT THE ECNU, SHANGHAI | BUSINESS MEDIATOR “FROM THE BEGINNING, EVOLUTION HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT THE SUSTAINABILITY AND THE STRENGTHENING OF THE E/D/E GROUP.“ Since 2016, E/D/E has been undergoing the far-reaching strategy and organizational development process EVOLUTION. This change process is professionally accompanied…

Successful transformation

Interview: Cooperation at eye level

Interview mit Robert A. SedlákCEO S&P Consulting | Guest Professor at the ECNU, Shanghai“Far-reaching change requires cooperation at eye level“ Since August 2018, SEDLÁK&PARTNER has been accompanying the Duisburger Versorgungs- und Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (DVV) in the future program DVVision. Within the framework of DVVision, employees from all companies of the DVV Group, departments, and hierarchical…


Leadership – an organizational function

The traditional understanding of leadership has become obsolete. The days of the heroic self-concept of leaders, according to which they themselves are the most important lever for maintaining order and efficiency in the organization, are over. Today’s working world and the increasing complexity of markets require a different form of leadership. The traditional understanding of…