Here you will find a selection of projects for foresighted self-renewal in a strategic context from the last 35 years. Get a first impression of the challenges our clients have mastered with our help. This compilation should also give you an idea of how our team at S&P Consulting works towards the success of our clients.

Exact definition of the strategic positioning and a change of perspective from product features to product and customer benefits.

Strategic positioning

With the right focus on own resources, new growth markets can be entered.

Market positioning

A new strategy for a company required the establishment of a new management team.

Building a new team for a new vision of the future

Ensure competitiveness in the market by consistently exploiting the potential of customer segments.

Development of a sustainable vision of the future

Identify key segments within a complex target group that will ensure sustainable market growth in the future.

Complexity reduction in sales

We also have experience in dissolving the corporate “silo mentality” that hinders market success.

Realignment of the organization towards the customer

Interesting Interviews

Below you will find a compilation of interviews on our approach in successful and ongoing customer projects.