Corporate Culture Consulting

Achieving success through a tailored organizational culture: Our consulting services help you create a work environment that not only motivates your employees but also increases their satisfaction. Benefit from higher productivity, lower turnover rates, and an overall positive reputation inside and outside the company. Start an online dialog with us now.

Corporate Culture Consulting

Achieving success through a tailored organizational culture: Our consulting services help you create a work environment that not only motivates your employees but also increases their satisfaction. Benefit from higher productivity, lower turnover rates, and an overall positive reputation inside and outside the company. Start an online dialog with us now.

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Why is Consulting on Corporate Culture important?

Organizational culture has a significant impact on the overall coordination of behaviors within an organization. It affects decision-making, motivation, and cohesion among employees and their performance, and can be pivotal in successfully implementing innovations or major changes as well as achieving efficiency in day-to-day business operations.

A modern organizational culture that aligns with strategic objectives not only facilitates their achievement but also enhances the organization’s capacity for innovation and adaptation. It provides guidance, implicitly linking underlying assumptions and expectations with daily practices. Additionally, it creates a more pleasant work environment and positively impacts the recruitment and retention of suitable employees.

Definition of Corporate Culture

Systemic View of the Organization as Basis for Corporate Culture Consulting

An organization’s culture encompasses values, expectations, patterns of behavior, and rules that guide actions. They may also be described as the set of rules governing conduct within a company that are typically followed unconsciously until someone violates them.

The corporate culture is frequently delineated utilizing an iceberg model that encompasses a visible component above water and a concealed portion submerged below the surface.

From a systemic perspective and in the context of advising on corporate culture, there is particular interest in those non-visible aspects of organizational culture that are not subject to direct manipulation and of which many organizations may be largely unaware.

What Characterizes a Corporate Culture?

Corporate Culture Survey

To successfully develop the company culture, it is necessary to first conduct a survey of the perceived corporate culture. This provides insight into why the current organizational culture exists as it does and serves as a basis for our consultancy on corporate culture. It identifies what needs to be changed for the company’s culture to support the achievement of strategic goals, enabling organizational changes and targeted development.

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Making Corporate Culture tangible

In our daily consultancy practice concerning organizational culture, we frequently observe a lack of a proper systematic and methodological approach toward cultural change. Countless unsuccessful attempts contribute to fatigue regarding such changes and detract from the motivation to improve upon them in subsequent efforts – whatever that may entail within the relevant organizational context.

In order to successfully transform company culture, it is imperative to create an open dialog about it. This enables the identification and resolution of discrepancies between current and desired cultural states. The Systemic Culture Compass developed by S&P Consulting serves as a valuable tool in facilitating this process. Its key components will be briefly outlined below.

Systemic culture compass

The Systemic Development of Corporate Culture within our Consulting Practice

After analyzing and verbalizing the corporate culture, as well as establishing objectives, our consultancy for organizational culture devises a customized learning architecture tailored to your company. We effectively interweave personal and organizational interventions within this framework to increase the effectiveness of respective measures while contributing toward long-term success.

S&P Consulting employs an accompanying effectiveness monitoring as a cornerstone when advising on corporate culture. This allows for transparent presentation and reflection of progress, adjustment-making, and critical questioning of interventions. We are also available to advise on the corresponding development of your internal and external communication.

When it comes to actively altering the corporate culture, leaving nothing to chance is imperative. A corporate culture that aligns with your company’s strategic objectives and promotes open communication will undoubtedly prove advantageous, particularly from an economic standpoint.

Further Information

Systemic Culture Compass

Systemic cultural compass

With the Systemic Culture Compass, we  unveiling the black box of existing culture within your company. Consequently, it becomes possible to depict a discrepancy between actual and desired cultural states.

Success Factors of Culture Development

The consultants at S&P have compiled eleven significant success factors for cultural development from the perspective of systemic organizational consulting in a comprehensible and pragmatic white paper.

Corporate Culture Consulting - Approach and Implementation

The concept of corporate culture is deeply ingrained in the consciousness of individual stakeholders, particularly employees. Typically, a company’s culture evolves over years or even decades as certain patterns for evaluation, observation, and behavior become established within the organization. It becomes evident that changing a corporate culture is not an easy task. With our consultancy services on corporate culture, we help to make your company’s cultural norms tangible and conduct an analysis before ultimately facilitating its development. Initially, we utilize the Systemic Culture Compass to survey the current organizational culture in order for our clients to gain awareness of their own company’s culture and identify aspects that require development. This approach effectively facilitates discussion around corporate culture and enables us to formulate actionable plans.

Due to the rapid changes in our environment, companies must be adaptable and flexible if they want to remain competitive. Developing a company culture is unfortunately not something that can happen overnight or be mandated by decree. However, our approach to corporate culture consulting allows us to influence your company’s culture indirectly and gradually through interventions and irritations. Through our effectiveness monitoring, we ensure transparency and consistent reflection on progress to enable the timely identification and implementation of any necessary adjustments.

S&P Consulting offers guidance on corporate culture and interventions for cultural development to reveal implicit and explicit behavioral norms. Simply assessing the current situation is insufficient to establish the effective development of corporate culture. By creating a customized learning architecture for your company, it becomes possible to seamlessly integrate personal and organizational interventions toward achieving optimal results in the developmental process of your business.

Tailored solutions are necessary because every company is unique. For instance, different organizational types such as municipal utilities or family-owned enterprises possess distinctive logic and paradoxes. Our extensive experience spanning over three decades enables us to provide effective consultancy services pertaining to organizational culture, and we are adept at designing learning architectures that cater specifically to these companies resulting in tangible outcomes.

Elements of Corporate Culture Consulting

Develop Corporate

Culture Compass

Increase Employer Attractiveness

Corporate Culture

Concept of SMART-DECISION-CULTURE in Corporate Culture Consulting

As part of our consultation on corporate culture, we employ the Smart-Decision-Culture framework to achieve optimal outcomes for developing your company’s culture. We view organizations as intricate social systems based on communication and sustained by decision-making processes. Consequently, how decisions are made plays a critical role in organizational longevity. Moreover, Smart-Decision-Culture optimizes system intelligence within the organization through resourceful and solution-oriented methods, facilitating targeted support of leadership development processes. This leads to a positive influence on both communication channels and overall decision-making within the company.

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White Paper: Success Factors in Culture Development

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