Blended Consulting

Blended Consulting – efficient design of consulting processes through the targeted use of suitable methods and media.

We use an efficient mix of methods for the intervention architecture at our clients which enables us to achieve effective results in a targeted and resource-saving manner.

Blended Consulting during the Corona pandemic

Read the interview with Frédéric Sedlák to find out about the added value that our experience in using the concept of “Blended Consulting” can offer in the current situation.

Frédéric Sedlák

Data generation via online surveys

Online Surveys

Efficient generation of data via online surveys which we operate on secure servers in our IT infrastructure

Specific online surveys allow impulses from clients or other stakeholders to be efficiently fed into the consulting processes. In accordance with the GDPR, we conduct customer and employee surveys or efficiently integrate the views of key players in our consulting processes regardless of location – in particular those of managers who are operating in different regions of the world.

The preceding generation of data allows us to work efficiently and effectively on essential questions with executives in workshops.

Within the framework of Blended Consulting, the use of digital media in the consulting process enables the efficient generation of data prior to face-to-cate events or web-based meetings, regardless of time and space. This means that valuable meeting time is not burdened with topics that can be dealt with in advance.

Online meetings via appropriate media

Coordination of work statuses or elaborated results via digital communication channels.

Not every meeting requires a personal exchange on site. Often, efficient online meetings via modern digital channels are sufficient to keep each other up to date and able to work.

We specifically rely on modern technologies for voting in online meetings.

In this way, we gain time and save resources for the processes that are more effective in personal exchange on site.

Creative project phases and brainstorming sessions are also successfully realized using digital whiteboards and online media.

Depending on the task and size of the group, we select the appropriate media and methods and develop the suitable design in order to achieve the desired work results in a resource-saving manner by using system intelligence.

(Exemplary list of selected tools that can be used adequately for virtual work meetings: MS Teams, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, MS Whiteboard, Mural, Miro, Nextboards etc.)


Learning and communication platforms in profound transformation processes

Lerning Management Systems

In profound transformation processes, we develop suitable learning and communication platforms in order to involve the broad work force in the change processes and to support the learning architectures by digital HR development measures.

On learning and communication platforms, employees can find all relevant information on ongoing change processes and, if necessary, use interactive elements to provide feedback on organizational development or impulses for the further process.

S&P Consulting provides both technical and editorial support for the platform in close cooperation with the respective corporate communications department as well as in cooperation with the company’s internal HR development department in order to closely link organizational and personal learning via digital offers.

We are technically able to host and provide the learning and communication platforms on our own secure servers and integrate them into the IT infrastructure of our clients.

Targeted use of the available Office apps

The technical possibilities for organizational cooperation are constantly developing. In this respect, we are constantly expanding our competencies and demand and promote this in consulting processes also from and with our clients.

Simultaneous editing of documents via Office 365 or Google Suite opens up new possibilities for targeted collaboration. We do not leave these possibilities unused.

We can quickly generate feedback from colleagues via Microsoft Forms. Organizational processes are accelerated enormously through automated data analysis and the intelligent use of licensed applications (e.g. Power BI, Power Apps or charts in the Google Suite). This means that apps are used which most companies already have at their disposal and which are activated in this way.

In compliance with the company’s internal data protection guidelines, we proactively integrate the technical possibilities into our consulting processes and thereby promote the effective use of existing tools in close cooperation with our clients’ employees on-the-job.

Office Applications

Use of digital elements at events


At client events or staff meetings, we selectively use digital elements to determine the sensitives of the participant groups and to reach agreement on the work results.

S&P Consulting stands for integrative consulting and learning architectures that enable the utilization of existing system intelligence for the organizational development of our clients.

At client events or major events, it is often a challenge to involve the key players of the management and important employees in reaching agreement upon the decisions and strategies developed. The targeted and considered use of digital media can facilitate this process enormously. For example, we use digital sociograms to visualize the sensitives of the participant groups and make them discussable, or we use them to demonstrate a commitment to the presented directional decision.

(Exemplary list of selected tools that can be used adequately: Poll-Everywhere, Mentimeter, Mural, Miro, Nextboards etc.)

S&P Consulting purposefully integrates modern media into its consulting processes. As a systemic organizational consultancy, S&P Consulting has a flexible repertoire of interventions at its disposal to continuously and effectively initiate and support desired organizational changes. This can be done in a resource-saving manner via digital media or, if necessary, by applying innovative methods of intervention on site. S&P Consulting mobilizes the willingness to change in entire company units.

Systemic organizational consulting and the use of digital elements in the consulting process

As systemic organizational experts, we at S&P Consulting do not primarily look at the people in an organization, but rather at the communication structures that can be observed, the management system that is practiced, and the way in which decisions are made. Furthermore, we aim to identify and describe the observation and evaluation grids which implicitly exist in organizations and which guide daily activities, in order to be able to deal with them in the process. Once these observation and evaluation grids are explicit, the emergence of the existing patterns of action can also be explained.

When developing our intervention architectures, we take into account the understanding of organizations based on the Newer Systemic Organization Theory. Here, the content and the goal determine the methods and not vice versa.

In consulting, S&P Consulting integrates the necessary expertise to solve organizational and personnel challenges along with the competence to simultaneously address the social and process dimensions in consulting processes

Further information

Get in touch with us and learn more about the approach of Blended Consulting and how we efficiently design consulting processes by the targeted use of suitable methods and media in a pragmatic online dialogue. We look forward to talking to you and will be pleased to discuss the benefits we can offer you and your organization with our consulting services.

The Blended Consulting concept of S&P Consulting enables a particularly efficient design of consulting processes through the targeted use of suitable methods and media, taking into account the technical possibilities.

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