Developing competences in a targeted manner

Develop knowledge, willingness and ability effectively. An interactive learning concept for targeted competence development for demanding situations in management, sales and service.

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Web-based Training Tool

The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® enables learning independent of time and space. The participants can train their competences at their individual pace at any place and track their learning success. Mobile Learning becomes reality

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Cost-effective Implem­entation

The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® can be distributed without spatial limits and can be used on any terminal device of your employees. The costs of an extensive learning program are low and clearly calculable

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Change Process Documentation

Through simulations and reflections the competences of employees can be extended. Furthermore, the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® allows to document learning and change processes, and thus make them measurable.

Blended Learning


With the integration of the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® in our innovative Blended Learning concept the advantages of modern e-learning programs can be combined with those of attended events

Web-based simulations for effective personnel development

The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® combines latest findings in brain research with a modern and user-friendly learning technique!

Targeted competence measurement and development

The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® is a computer- and media-based training tool for a targeted competence measurement and development, which can be used by decentralized employee groups with a mobile device independent of time and space. With this innovative technology necessary learning and change processes can be successfully established in the organization.
The responsive design of the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® allows your team to undergo the training according to its own preferences with the computer, tablet or even on the go via the smart phone.

Real-life learning environment supports the understanding

The conception of the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® integrates neuroscientific findings regarding brain-friendly learning arrangements to develop a unique concept for an experience-oriented and situational learning program. The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® creates a real-life learning environment by simulating success-critical situations, which have to be assessed by the learners. A virtual coach provides direct feedback and supports the trainees in understanding the situation, learning from it and in putting the learning into practice.

Blended Learning

Competence measurement and development in Learning Management Systems

The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® can be integrated into any Learning Management System. The software meets the current standards for web-based training tools. Therefore, the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® can be integrated into the existing Learning Management Systems without any problems. Regardless of this, it can also be used for competence measurement and development.

Learning Management Systems do not only serve to provide learning contents. They also enable the communication among the learners, the organization of learning processes as well as the measurement of individual learning progress of your employees.

We are pleased to advice you how to effectively apply the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® in an existing Learning Management System and support you in implementing a Learning Management System in the learning architecture of your organization.

Get in touch with us and find out how you can use the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® for the targeted organizational and personnel development of your organization.


The media didactic concept of the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® was originally developed as a digital sales training course. S&P was able to successfully use the video-based training as part of executive leadership development and in teacher training.


PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® – Technology Changes Teaching

Video-based online-training for the education and training of teachers in China, used in a central and nationwide Learning Management System.


Communication Simulator for German energy supplier

Video-based reflection training, based on the technology of the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® as part of a blended learning program for the management development of a German energy supply company.


PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® – Classroom management

Use of the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® as part of the training of learning guides at community schools in Germany. In particular to reflect on the teacher’s role in modern teaching-learning arrangements.



Original PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® for a combined sales and product training for the development of sales competence in a German chemical company.

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