All of S&P Consulting’s consulting services are based on the findings of the Newer Systems Theory. According to this theory, we see organizations as highly complex social systems with the existing hierarchical and communication structures, the characteristic observation and decision-making routines as well as specific cultural characteristics.

organizational blindness

With the strategy and organizational development process EVOLUTION, the E/D/E Group has set out into the future. It is accompanied by the management consulting company S&P Consulting. Markus Peterhänsel, managing director and head of the strategy consulting department, describes the approach of the consulting company.

Systemic Intelligence

In recent months, S&P Consulting, together with the BDU and other partners, has conducted a comprehensive study on trends in the German specialty chemicals industry. The results of this study are now available and we would like to share them with you.

chemical industrial park

In an interview, Guest Prof. Robert A. Sedlák was asked about “The role of decisions in the Systems Theory”. This interview highlights the scientific approach of Mr. Sedlák and his successful procedure to enable sustainable changes in organizations.

observation patterns

The concept of innovative customer segmentation (ICS) with differentiated value propositions opens up completely new possibilities for identifying strategically relevant customer segments and for precisely determining the threshold levels per customer segment. With this approach, it is possible to effectively counter commoditization tendencies and achieve stronger customer loyalty.


The editors of the Agora42 magazine have asked a few questions to selected people about the topic “SYSTEMS”. Robert A. Sedlák, guest professor at the East China Normal University in Shanghai, was one of their interview partners.

In the jungle of the systems