For over 35 years, S&P Consulting has strengthened the self-renewal power of companies and accompanied them in successfully managing organizational changes. We have succeeded in building up special expertise, particularly with highly paradoxical organizations:

Competence: Family Buisnesses

Family-owned companies face completely different challenges in change processes than other companies – especially with regard to corporate succession. It’s not just about economic aspects, emotions also play a major role. We link the logics of family, company and shareholders and work with you to develop individual solution models tailored to your specific situation.

Due to our excellent networking in Asia and our many years of experience, we have been able to build a deep understanding of the differences between Western and Asian cultures. We help organizations to deal with these intercultural differences. As a co-initiator of the “Smart Education China” initiative, we also have deep insights into the Chinese education system.

Public Utility Companies have to deal with special contradictions, conflicts of interest and paradoxes in decision-making and coordination processes. We provide you with years of experience in dealing with this special “organization type” so that you can successfully master the challenges that arise.

Blended Consulting

Blended Working enables us to save time and resources when designing our consulting processes. With web-based portals for data generation we can obtain and manage information independent of time and place. In time-saving webinars or online dialogs we transfer this information for a quick and effective data coordination and consolidation. The much needed transparency in consulting processes can be established via intranet-based communication platforms; when required, information concerning decisions and developments can be communicated via these web-based platforms.


The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® is a digital training tool for targeted competence measurement and development that can be used by decentralized employee groups with a mobile device, regardless of time and place. The media-didactic concept for measuring and developing skills was originally developed for sales teams – S&P was able to use the instrument just as successfully for the training and further education of teachers as well as in the context of leadership development.