Mobilizing organizational culture as a success factor

The practiced culture is the DNA of a company and considerably contributes to the success of an organization. Restructuring and strategy processes can only be implemented successfully if they include the corporate culture.

Companies are often not aware of their culture. After all, it is not explicitly defined, but is determined by the past. If market conditions change, it not only requires companies to strategically reorient themselves – their own culture must also accompany the change. This is the only way to ensure that change processes within the company are supported by the entire workforce and lead to success.

Robert A. Sedlák

Culture change is required when the existing corporate culture restricts organizational performance.

A pleasant working atmosphere has been proven to increase employees’ willingness to perform, create an open communication culture with low conflict potential and reduce sickness absence. However, it is also reflected in the external perception, improves the corporate image and attracts potential applicants.