Customer segmentation - Market success thanks to a change in perspective

With an innovative form of customer segmentation, we enable you to develop a customized and highly attractive offer for your customers and thereby increase your competitive advantage.

What needs and expectations do our target customers have? There is nothing more valuable for a company than the answer to this question. Because: This knowledge enables you to create tailor-made offers, to deploy resources in a precisely fitting manner and to fully exploit value creation potential.

Many companies derive their customer segmentation from established criteria such as company size, regional location, industry or the products and services a customer purchases. Time and again, however, these systems reach their limits: customers feel that they are not understood or are not being served properly, which in the worst case can lead to churn.

Customer Segmentation Map

Through a change in perspective, you have the opportunity to gain new valuable insights – away from evaluating and controlling the company’s development from the perspective of your own products, towards an outside-in perspective from the customer’s point of view.

New ways of customer segmentation are necessary in order to accurately serve the needs of customers.

How we proceed

Throughout the entire strategy development process, we rely on system intelligence, i.e. we link internal and external company knowledge, experience and assessments in customized process architectures so that new insights are created that are only possible in such constellations. In this way, you obtain intelligent and new solutions, but also generate a maximum of commitment from all parties involved as the basis for a successful implementation.

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