On 9th December 2013 the first seminar took place at the East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai. It was held by Robert A. Sedlák, Guest Professor of the ECNU. The topic was “Introduction to the New Systems Theory Part 1”. Robert A. Sedlák presented the main elements of the New Systems Theory.

He discussed the difference between the externally organized and self-organized systems, the operative closure of systems, the nature of autopoietic systems, the distinction between truth and reality and the context relation of human behavior.

Almost 40, very interested students showed great interest in the contents. Some of them currently deal with their PhD promotion. The seminar was held in the English language and was partially translated into Chinese by Mrs Hanhan Jia. This was adopted very grateful by the participants. Basically the seminar can be considered a great success, because once again it became clear which big differences the new systems theory has compared to other models.

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By 2014 more seminars are planned. A particular interest is on the topic strategy development and implementation.

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