In the context of the cooperation between the East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai and the S&P Consulting International Consulting Group a production contract for the production of the first PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® in China in Shanghai was signed on 12 December 2013.
As part of a dissertation at the ECNU the competencies which are relevant for Chinese teachers have been identified. In the next step, these competencies are validated with the participation of lessons from all districts of China, in order to create realistic simulation scenes for the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR®.

Projektstart mit der ECNU - S&P Consulting
The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® coaching in the classroom will be set in the context of blended learning concepts throughout China to develop specific teacher competencies. Prof. Dr. Zhu said, “I am firmly convinced that we will do with this new and innovative tool completely new standards in teacher education and training in China. I am delighted that we have signed the contract today and now can start with the project”.

Vertragunterzeichnung der ECNU mit S&P Consulting

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