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According to the „law of old men”, top managers in their 50s make decisions that are in favour of their positions in the company, but may conflict the company’s future. Therefore, necessary change processes are argued away by the resistance from the colleagues. This is what is observed for years by Peter Noli, Professor of Law and Hans Rudolf Bachmann, manager and lecturer in Marketing and Communication.

Relationship networks and security mechanisms prevent creative solutions

In their book „Der kleine Machiavelli“ [The little Macchiavelli], they have described the rules of career and clarified which structures, mechanisms, and regulations within a company hinder creative responses to the constant market changes.

Through the concept of foresighted self-renewal, we demonstrate the ways to adjust an organization at an early stage to changing conditions, and to find and implement innovative and pioneering solutions, despite its established structures and decision-making mechanisms.

Basis Mechanisms of self-renewal processes

On the basis of the work by Donald T. Campbell (1974), we reckon that there are three evolutionary mechanisms: Variation, Selection and Stabilization. Their recursive interlink makes the foresighted self-renewal possible.


Variation: We specifically use various resources of irritation (e.g. perceptions of key players, experts and customers), with the purpose to generate impulses for innovation and changes and to therewith increase the chances of learning stimuli.

Selection:  A company’s processing competence will be enhanced by changing communication and decision-making structures as well as monitoring and evaluation criteria. As a result, new opportunities and risks can be evaluated beforehand.

Stabilization: The aim here is to lead to the new and the opportunities for success. In order to proactively achieve effective change, the organization-specific characteristics are taken into account and appropriate reflection processes and structures are established. Consequently, organizations can avoid recurrent resources-consuming emergency operations and also secure a sustainable competitive advantage.

The change is to change the organizational competence

With the concept of foresighted self-renewal, S&P Consulting supports organizations to recognize the external signals for relevant changes at an early stage and to take necessary measures.

Current communication and decision-making structures, the evaluation criteria, and the relationship network will be scrutinized so that the opportunities for growth and renewal will be identified and implemented. Through the concept of the foresighted self-renewal, you can find early and adequate procedures for the increasingly rapid changes in the market and ensure the competitiveness of your organization.

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