Describe and change corporate culture

Decoding corporate culture is the first step in establishing a culture that supports and sustains your corporate goals.

Corporate culture is a phenomenon that is difficult to grasp – and yet it has an enormous significance. The particular challenge here is that while culture affects the coordination of behavior in companies, it cannot be directly influenced. As a result, even desired cultural changes cannot be initiated simply by decision. And yet, the development of a new corporate culture is possible.

Your benefits

Achieve corporate goals

Change the implicit and explicit rules that coordinate behavior in such a way that they do not conflict with the achievement of the objectives, but rather promote it

Increase employee performance

Develop a framework for the utilization of existing potentials and system intelligence

Reduce transformation costs / risks

Work on characteristics/elements that are inherent in the system and which counteract the corporate strategy and the achievement of objectives; establish/develop the elements that promote the implementation of strategy and support the achievement of objectives

The first step of a successful culture change is to make your corporate culture tangible through an effective cultural diagnosis. This knowledge will enable you to discuss culture within your organization and management and, with our support, to develop clear action plans for cultural change.

We support you in establishing both the implicit and explicit rules of conduct within your company to ensure the successful implementation of planned changes.

Our services

  • Smart-Decision-Culture
  • Culture analysis
  • Comparison of target and actual culture
  • Intervention architecture for cultural change

How we proceed

Based on a culture analysis, we develop a tailor-made learning architecture for your organization. In this architecture, we interlink personal and organizational interventions. A set of measures for internal and external communication supports you in the implementation. As a matter of course, our services include effectiveness monitoring which guarantees transparency and allows us to measure success. During the development process, we are also at your side to reflect on the progress and make any adjustments, if necessary.

Our consultants for you

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Robert A. Sedlák

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