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In order to fill key positions in the best possible way and, therefore, to save time and money, we help you find candidates who fit your organization and meet not only the requirements of the function but also the requirements of the personality.

When recruiting personnel, it is not only important to encourage applications from competent and motivated candidates. It is equally important to select those candidates from the pool of applicants who are professionally qualified and who in addition fit the company on a personal level. With the help of company-specific requirement profiles, we collate the fit between organizational requirements and the personality traits of candidates.

By filling important key positions with the right people, you take a decisive step towards achieving your business goals.

Your benefits

Achieve corporate goals

Custom-fit staffing of hierarchical levels 1 and 2 as well as important key functions

Increase employee performance

Acceleration of performance for new hires

Reduce transformation costs

Avoidance of costs from recruitment errors


Together with you, we create job profiles (function descriptions and requirement profiles) that are tailored to your company. These profiles form an important basis for the selection of candidates, since they ensure that only suitable candidates are shortlisted. They also enable decision-makers to take a well-founded decision based on the actual needs of the company. Besides increasing the probability of success in filling vacancies and personnel development, this procedure also demonstrably reduces the costs that arise from wrong decisions in personnel selection.

Our services

  • Job profiles
  • Suitability report
  • Aptitude diagnostics
  • Personnel selection
  • Onboarding

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