Successfully designing change processes

Together we make sure that your employees identify with the upcoming changes – this will help you achieve the corporate goals that are linked to your change process.

The attitude of managers and employees determines whether necessary and intended changes are successfully implemented. Each individual in the company has personal resources that need to be mobilized. However, this is not something that happens by itself but requires targeted interventions to achieve the necessary adaptability, commitment, and empowerment.

Your benefits

Achieve corporate goals efficiently

Commitment with key players to implement the change initiatives

Increase employee performance in a targeted manner

Developing the willingness and ability of employees to support change initiatives. Preparing the workforce for the future situation within the framework of a learning architecture and enabling the implementation of the change. Increasing the ability to change

Reduce transformation costs / risks

Overcome organizational and personnel barriers

How we proceed

In order to use the available personnel resources in the change process, we work with the latest findings in Newer Systems Theory and neurology. For this purpose, we rely on the resource-oriented self-management (ZRM®) and develop modern communication and learning platforms. This allows us to provide employees with the necessary information from the very beginning of change processes and to involve them interactively, pursuing the goal of overcoming organizational and personnel barriers.

Our services

  • Empowerment
  • Attitude change
  • Resource-oriented self-management (ZRM®)
  • Communication and learning management system

Our consultants for you

Dr. Natalie Brandenburg

Dr. Natalie Brandenburg

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Kristin Utech


Dr. Sina Haupt