Our colleague, Dr. Yuan Zhao now steps into the position “Chief Consultant of Competency Development”. Her main responsibility is to conceptualize and produce company-specified PERFORMANCE SIMUALTORS. She is also responsible for developing and evaluating specific behavior indicators included in competence models that are based on the organizational DNA.

Mrs. Zhao, who has been a team member since 2012, has a PhD degree in Pedagogy with the main focus on E-Learning. She will use her international expertise to fulfill her new tasks.

The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR is an innovative computer- and media-supported training tool, which enables large groups of employees to participate in a collective learning process, independently from time and location. According to the findings of Prof. Herbert Kellner, competencies are seen as a balanced mixture of knowledge (what you know), attitude (what you want and what you are willing to do) and skill (what you can do). These competencies enable an individual to achieve a desired performance.

The term “simulation” refers to the findings of neuroscience. It shows that an observed and perceived action triggers a kind of inner simulation in the brain. A familiar example is a flight simulator, where a person feels as if he is actually in a plane, including all feelings and reactions like dizziness (see Joachim Bauer, 2006, Warum ich fühle, was Du fühlst, p. 26).

Based on this core concept, realistic and relevant film scenes are applied in the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR. The aims are to prompt the inner simulation, and to induce the requested attitude and appropriate behaviors. The trainee has to evaluate the simulated learning interactions. Because of the immediate feedback from a virtual coach, the learner can transfer the gained experience into new knowledge and apply it to real life situations. The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR hence induces a sustainable learning process in terms of “Knowledge”, “Attitude” and “Skills”.

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