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S&P Consulting‘s representative office in Shanghai has successfully transformed into the Chinese affiliate of “S&P Consulting International Consulting”. SEDLÁK & PARNTER has been active in Asia since 2011 and is located in one of the most popular business centers in Shanghai, the “Shanghai International Finance Centre” (IFC).

Mrs. Hanhan Jia becomes Managing Director

Hanhan Jia - Managing Director

Mrs. Hanhan Jia, who has been responsible for the representative office since 2011, will now be the “Managing Director”. Apart from managing the existing customer projects, she will focus on implementing the “Service Package China” in the Chinese market. The service offers have also been revised and adopted along with the transformation. Our current focus is on the Human Resource Development.

The “Service Package China” thus covers the following consulting topics: “Job Profiles with Validated Personality Profiles”, “Employee Assessment and Development” and a targeted development of competencies with the training tool PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR. Besides, S&P Consulting International Consulting will also focus on “Innovative Customer Segmentation”.

The topic “Job Profiles with Validated Personality Profiles” aims at the congruence between organizational requirement and the personality profiles of candidates. The specific description of a company’s requirement will save time and money in the selection process. It also makes the search for suitable employees more efficient and accurate. The requirement description not only defines qualifications and competencies, but also takes into consideration a candidate’s potentiality, risk factors and motivation.

The “Innovative Customer Segmentation” offers a new way to view customers, competitors and one’s own strategic positioning. By intensively analyzing the specific needs of potential customers and the following characterization and segmentation, organizations will be able to work out the unique value propositions. As a result, organizations will create a special range of services with sustainable competitive advantages.

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