In late November 2012, S&P Consulting visited East China Normal University Distance Education Center (ECNUDE) in Shanghai. Cooperating with ECNUDEC and Dr. Helga Breuninger, our partner in developing PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR, S&P Consulting will develop and produce a PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR to qualify teachers in China in an intense and encompassing way. As a consulting company for schools and educational institutions, S&P Consulting hence takes on the exciting challenge to contribute to the teachers’ competency development in the Chinese education system.

In July 2010, the Chinese government passed a guideline for the Chinese educational reform (Outline of China’s National Plan for Middle and Long-Term Education Reform and Development). This guideline aims to significantly enhance the education quality within the Chinese higher and general education systems. Prof. Zhu at East China Normal University (the second largest pedagogical university in China) is an expert in Education. He advises the Chinese government on the realization of the given objectives.

The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR is an innovative computer- and media-supported training tool, which enables large groups of employees to participate in a collective learning process, independently from time and location. It offers a learning environment which applies experiential learning methods in a situated context to develop core competencies as well as specialized competencies.

Further information on the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR can be found here. Should you have any questions, our competent consultant team is at your disposal.

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