After the success of the pilot projects in January with two districts (Pudong and Songjiang) in Shanghai, the pilot projects with the teachers’ training colleges in other three districts, namely Jinan, Yangpu and Chongming, have begun this week.Nach dem Erfolg der Pilotprojekte im Januar in den zwei Bezirken Pudong und Songjiang (Shanghai), haben diese Woche die Pilotprojekte mit den Lehrerbildungsinstituten in drei weiteren Bezirken begonnen: Jinan, Yangpu und Chongming

About 350 young teachers with 3-7 years’ teaching experience from kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools and high schools participated in the 4-day workshops to introduce the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® Directing in Teaching and the Learning Management System. The purpose of the kick-off workshop was to introduce our e-learning platform and to implement the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® Directing in Teaching in the coming seven weeks.

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The feedback to the workshop and the training content from the participants and the workshop organizers (Teachers’ Training Colleges) was very positive. They found the design of the workshop new and interactive and the content of the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® Directing in Teaching interesting and close to their daily teaching practice. In the workshop the participants had an intensive discussion about the school cultural differences between Germany and China.

During the role play, the participants demonstrated the classic situations in Chinese schools, both in and outside the classroom. In this way, the participants reflected the theoretical background of the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® Directing in Teaching. More importantly, it helped them to realize the importance of building a trustful and appreciating relationship with students, colleagues and parents, and to create an active and productive learning atmosphere to encourage the students’ initiative, proactivity and responsibility of learning. Ziel des Kick-off Workshops war es, unsere E-Learning-Plattform vorzustellen sowie in den kommenden sieben Wochen den PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® Führen im Unterricht anzuwenden.

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