In the past month, S&P Consulting successfully hosted the first PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® workshop at the ECNU in Shanghai.

Twelve educational experts from all over China participated in the two day workshop on the 14th and 15th of August 2014 which was about the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® for Applied Technology during Lessons.

The event aimed to translate the theoretical base-structure provided by the ministry for education into work streams and identify typical school-day scenes, which can be used for the production of E-Learning-tools.

Due to the goal-oriented preparation of S&P Consulting and the twelve teachers from the ECNU, the event was a success. The workshop stimulated lively discussions between professors, experts, and teachers, which lead to productive exchanges and new targets for the program PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR®.

Subsequently to the workshop, the twelve experts were able to produce a screenplay including all necessary identified school-day scenes, which will be modified and finalized by the production team during the next step in the beginning of October. We are proud of the outcome and look forward to the presentation of an excellent training program for Chinese teachers.

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The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® for Applied Technology during Lessons is a project which was initiated in the end of 2013 by S&P Consulting and the East China Normal University. Its goal is to provide Chinese teachers with an efficient online training program, embedded in a modern media-platform.

The program is based on the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® concept, which supports the traditional training methods in an innovative way by using visual scenes and examples from typical school-days. This way, an interesting and comprehensive learning experience is created in line with our blended learning understanding.

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