Targeted and successful development of markets

Take advantage of existing and future opportunities for your company by clearly defining with us for which market segments you offer your products or services.

In order to strategically and optimally position your company in the market, clearly and solidly defined target market segments and target customer segments are necessary. While customer segmentation results from the question “How to grow?”, for market positioning we consider the question “Where to grow?” The interplay of the answers forms the basis for the development of a strategy map with concrete measures that will enable you to implement the strategy.

The integrated market and efficiency view enables you to optimize your resource allocation and identify specific development needs in internal processes, structures and resources in order to meet market requirements and exploit potential – now and in the future.

How we proceed

In order to analyze the market, we first determine the relevant market segments and define uniform criteria for market evaluation in terms of attractiveness and competitive strength. After the subsequent market and customer analysis, together with you we determine the strategic positioning with relevant target markets and target groups. Based on this, we develop value propositions for the individual target customer segments as well as the strategy map with all relevant internal measures that are necessary for the implementation of the strategic positioning.

Our consultants for you

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Jan-Niclas Bockard

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Holger Schallehn

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