On June 23rd, 2015, the S&P Consulting International Consulting Group and the ECNU (East China Normal University) decided to launch an initiative under the name of “Smart Education China” aiming at the optimization of the Chinese education system. Located in Shanghai, the ECNU is the second-largest university for education in China.

The first step taken by the research center is a large-scale survey on the expectations of Western companies towards the graduates in China. The generated results will form the basis for a further project, the “China Smart School Award”. Initially, around 300 primary, secondary, and vocational schools in Shanghai and the province of Shandong will participate in the competition. The goal is to significantly increase the qualification of graduates in the medium term to meet the growing demand for qualified personnel.
The survey to identify the expectations towards graduates will be conducted via an online questionnaire that will be developed in close cooperation with the ECNU until the end of July 2015. The online platform will be launched in September.

By participating in the survey you can influence the Chinese education system, as the results will be presented to the Ministry of Education in Beijing and directly processed by the ECNU in the context of the initiative “Smart Education China”.

Would you like to participate in the survey?

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