Every organization has been there and is well-acquainted with this phenomenon: Candidates for vacant positions are sought and analyzed with time-consuming application procedures. Finally, a decision is made in favor of one of the candidates; more or less a gut-feeling of the boss and HR-Department.

The expectations and anticipations concerning the new employee are great, and one is sure that the right decision was made. However, this feeling often gets lost within the first hundred days. The first disappointments set in, the candidate isn’t exactly the way one believed he or she should be and discontent arises. Often, the parties mutually agree to go their separate ways and again, personnel recruitment comes into operation and the vicious circle begins anew; associated with the hope of having a “better nose” this time during the selection.

Validated company-specific requirement profiles

These experiences cost organizations a great deal of time and money. Validated company-specific requirement profiles help to elude this dilemma. During an online-interview of your in-house experts concerning a function, you define which potentials and values a person must possess to suit the function and to fit into your company, as well as which behavioral patterns (under stress) would hinder the successful performance of tasks. Based on this requirement profile that is supported by a personality test, you can compare the candidates’ potentials, risks and motivators. A comparison between the personality profile and the requirement profile discloses to what extent a person suits a position and fits into the company and where discrepancies, risks or other possible fields of development for this person lie. To begin with, analyze who you really need, and then start your search for the candidate suitable for your company and the specific position! If you’d like to learn more about the topic “Who Really Fits?”, order our background information for “Company-Specific Validated Requirement Profiles” or schedule a Netviewer-Meeting, during which we will be more than happy to personally introduce our tool to you .

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