Innovation and culture

Innovation is born through creativity and change. In order to capitalize on both of these factors, a company needs a culture that encourages open-mindedness and commitment. A suitable company culture is crucial for success, yet most companies do not really understand their own company culture.

Understanding company culture

Culture is hard to grasp – as is demonstrated by the existence of numerous diverging definitions. Drawing on insights from systemic theory and leading research on organizational culture, our concept of the Systemic Culture Compass cuts through the fog and enables companies to effectively identify, analyze, and adapt their company culture in order to ensure sustainable innovation.

Changing your own company culture

An organization’s culture tends to be either internally- or externally oriented. In addition, there is usually a focus on either flexibility or stability. With the Systemic Culture Compass you can identify the position of your company and derive implications for concrete action plans. This is the first step towards an effective cultural change and reliable innovation.

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