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DIGITAL SALES ASSISTANT (DSA): Selling technically sophisticated products with ease.

In recent times, internationally operating customers have increasingly reported about the challenge to train their sales force in such a way that a worldwide consistent brand positioning, which is in line with the corporate philosophy can be ensured.

Additionally, this issue is becoming increasingly important when it comes to products, which features need to be explained as they require special technical knowledge. The qualification of the sales advisors is extremely important for the distribution of these technologically sophisticated products.

For this purpose, we offer a solution. The Digital Sales Assistant (DSA) developed by S&P Consulting is an innovative training tool for your sales teams, and your sales consultants. With the DSA, they have a contemporary and appealing marketing material for those customers, who don’t receive any catalogs or brochures as a print version. Instead, your clients get a readily accessible, digital experience on their own devices. Thus, your customers can request further product information while simultaneously familiarize itself with the product via the QR code, irrespective of time and sales consultant.

The DSA supports your organization in developing a globally consistent brand positioning for the individual seller, which is subsequently transferred to the customers during the sales dialog.

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