The first of our two pilot projects in the education sector has started this week in Shanghai. This is a collaboration between S&P ConsultingS and two of the largest institutions for teacher training in Shanghai: The Institute of Education Developent (PIED) and the Teacher Training College of Songjiang (TTCS). The aims of the pilot projects are to introduce our e-learning platform and to implement and evaluate the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR – Directing in Teaching with selected teachers.

The team of S&P Consulting have in recent months designed and developed an online platform based on a Learning Management System (LMS), which can meet the specific technical requirements of the Chinese teachers. In China, learning management systems and bulletin board systems (BBS) have been in use for many years. They have been implemented more widely in the education sector in China than in European countries, for example Germany.

The first kick-off with 40 participants took place on Monday, 30th Jan. 2014. The kick-off has proven to be a success. The participants were directors of the institute and trainers from the Teacher’s Training Department and the School Management Training Department. We have received very positive feedback from the participants, who have found the introduction of the LMS very interesting, active and engaging. The scenes of the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR shown in the workshop led to a constructive and intensive dialogue among teachers. The focus of the discussion were particular the cultural differences between German and Chinese pupils and teachers. The tool available is a good basis to promote exchange of what has been seen and what has been experienced.

The participants agreed that online training is valuable and practical because they can access the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR via the learning platform at anytime and anywhere. Through the integrated Bulletin Board System, the participants can exchange their experience and observations.

What is PIED?

In April 2012, S&P began cooperating with Shanghai Pudong Institute of Education Development (PIED) in a project to establish an international education exchange platform. PIED was founded in October 2004, and is the first regionally based institute of education research and development in China. The institute is strongly engaged in the advanced training of teaching professionals, improving regional teaching quality, popularizing new teaching technology and implementing international educational exchange projects.

PIED aims to strengthen the competencies of 35,000 school teachers in Shanghai’s Pudong school district. PIED’s objectives particularly emphasize successfully equipping the teachers with the required knowledge, necessary skills together with the underlying attitude to handle the challenges of the internationalization process.

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