Corporate strategy and goals as well as the organization’s relevant environments determine specific organizational requirements. For successful recruiting, said requirements have to be defined in job profiles. These job profiles have to take the strategy and future concepts as well as a target-performance analysis of present and future into account.

Therefore, a professional job profile needs the following factors of success:

  • Specific divisional and executive tasks
  • Stakeholders that need to be attended
  • Decision-making authority
  • Performance motivators and barriers
  • A function’s particular characteristics
  • Way of fulfilling tasks
  • Organizational conditions
  • Expectation of contribution (performance)

A candidates requirement profile is significantly affected by organizational requirements and a company’s DNA. The pivotal question is:

What needs to be attended, determined and accomplished within the respective function in order to attain the desired performance?

Elements of a requirement profile

Once the organizational requirements are defined, the requirement profile for suitable candidates can be developed, covering the following elements:

  • Personality profile
    Which kind of personality – based on valid personality features – is necessary to most likely fulfill the organizational requirements and the associated performance expectations?
  • Competency profile
    Which basic and special competencies (knowledge, attitude and skills) are essential to optimally perform the tasks of the function?
  • Experiences/Qualifications
    Which specific experiences and/or qualifications are crucial for performance?
  • K.O. criteria
    Which criteria are established and definite that disqualify a candidate?

The job profile consists of the organizational requirement profile and the candidate’s requirement profile. These constitute the foundation for successful recruiting and targeted talent management. Matching the job profile and the profile of the candidate provides reliable information about the suitability of a candidate for the position that is to be occupied.

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