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Whether it's strategy work, recruiting, retaining top performers, or handling day-to-day business, corporate culture is either an enabler or a bottleneck.

Corporate culture - from bottleneck to success factor

Why is corporate culture so important?

The corporate culture exerts a decisive influence on the overall coordination of behavior in an organization. It influences decisions, motivation, and cohesion in the workforce as well as its performance. Furthermore, it can be the decisive factor when it comes to the success of innovations, strategic initiatives, or major change processes.

For successful development of the corporate culture, the first step requires a survey of the experienced corporate culture to make it discussable and to determine a target-actual difference.

Robert A. Sedlák

Robert A. Sedlák
CEO S&P Consulting | Guest Professor of ECNU Shanghai

If market conditions change, companies not only need to realign their strategy – their very own corporate culture must also accompany the change. This is the only way to ensure that change processes within the company are supported by the entire workforce and lead to success.

Many companies experience their corporate culture as a bottleneck

Many companies report back to us that corporate culture often stands in their way, for example when working towards strategic goals or when new processes are to be introduced. We often hear statements like the following in corporate development and change processes:

Corporate culture can hinder change processes. But the good news is that corporate culture can also promote change in a positive sense.

What is corporate culture?

Corporate culture includes values, expectations, behavioral patterns, and rules by which people act. It can also be described as rules of the game in a company that everyone follows as a matter of course, but only becomes aware of when someone violates them.

Despite its powerful influence, few organizations are aware of their culture. A culture diagnosis is the key to successful culture change – it tells you why the current culture in your organization is the way it is and what needs to change to achieve your strategic goals and drive innovation.

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