Overcoming the inability to make decisions

For this purpose, the perspectives of all persons involved are made explicit as well as their feelings, so that in addition to the factual level, the emotional level is also considered. The needs are clarified and options for action developed so that all parties have a clear understanding of possible solutions. When there is clarity for all those involved, decisions can be made and their implementation initiated. As a result, the company is once again capable of acting and can develop positively with the support of all persons participating in the decisions. For this process, a duration of two to four weeks can be scheduled in which the existing conflicts are identified, dealt with, and resolved.

In the family, shareholder, and management circle, various circumstances can lead to a state of paralysis and an inability to make decisions. These include smoldering conflicts, misunderstandings, different ideas about the strategic positioning of the company, and other ambiguities. There may be blocking patterns of conflict within the entrepreneurial family, the circle of shareholders, and the management of the company, which makes decision-making difficult or even impossible. In order to resolve these conflicts, it is necessary to disclose different interests, values and objectives, bridge existing disagreements and overcome the inability to make decisions in order to find a jointly supported solution.

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